Driving lesson

Today Steve drove on the left side of the road for the first time.  We drove over to the Microsoft campus and then Steve tooled around the MS parking lot for about thirty minutes, practicing shifting left handed and turning, with me coaching on slowing down and turning tight.  Our little rental has quite a bit of pep for being a tiny little thing and it is tough to keep the speed down after driving the tank of the Volvo back home.  Also, one distinct disadvantage of right-side-of-the-car driving is that you have to operate the blinker and shift with the same (left) hand.

How I wish I had started with a lesson.  I started in the Avis parking lot at Heathrow – and had hit a parked car in Bath within the next hours :-)  Steve got us back home into Reading swimmingly.


3 responses to “Driving lesson

  1. Fun times, fun times. I told Sarah that she cannot hold me captive anymore now that I can drive. I am free! :)

  2. hay hay….driving on the left side reminds me of this couple watching the news and there is a video of a car going down a 4-lane hi-way in the wrong lane

    the wife knew that her father was on that hi-way so she calls him on the cell and relates the news and tells him to be on the lookout…

    he says….just one car? where i am driving, all the cars are coming the wrong way

  3. The indicator stalk in right-hand-drive cars has traditionally been on the right-hand side of the steering column. It’s only the last 10 years or so that it’s been shifted to the left-hand side, so that vehicle manufacturers only have to make a single steering column worldwide.

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