Today I had my first trip on a British train.   I was on the train at 6:30am to make it out to a customer visit for my job.  We’ve been on trains on our trips to continental Europe, but never here in England.  Overall the experience was good – pretty easy to figure out – train was pretty much on time.  As compared to Germany not quite as surgically precise on time, not quite as clean and the timetables are not as easy to find or read – but quite sufficient. 

I also had “training” this afternoon for work.  It was a really sweet setup.  One individual has the task of going through lots and lots of required training and then boils it down into a single session – hitting the high points and telling us what other steps we have to complete to meet our training requirements.  Brilliant!  One hilarious thing is that on a conf call with 60 or so participants somone is always falling off mute – lots of funny things that weren’t meant to be overheard.  An hour or so into the call someone (who was obviously calling in from home) was calling for his kid to get out of the mud.  It was pretty funny, then one of my co-workers who was listening in the same conference room with me said “Hey, that’s Peter Johns* – I’ll IM him to put it on mute!”  It worked, he was muted within 45 seconds, and a bit embarassed:-)

*not his real name


2 responses to “Training

  1. We’ve been spending more time on the Deutsche Bahn website trying to plan our train routes for our trip. I’m hoping to spend a fair amount of time over the Christmas break planning. We have six weeks off, so that should help me put a big dent in it.

  2. well well……sounds like some kids i know….won’t mention any names to protect the guilty

    p.s. say…doesn’t rick steves plan train trips?

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