On Tuesday my work took me to a customer site in Cranleigh.  I took the train to Guilford, Surrey where I met a colleague to share a taxi to Cranleigh, about a 25 minute journey.  About half way there we stopped behind a lorry stopped in the middle of a narrow strech of road.  After looking about we noticed a tree had fallen across the road on the opposite side.  The driver of the lorry in front of us hopped out, followed by the taxi driver then my colleague, Phillip.  The three guys tried to push the tree back up and swing it to the side to no avail.  The lorry driver backed up across the road, ran across the road and scaled the 8ft embankment – which was extremely impressive.  I finally had the good sense to snap a picture just as he had pulled the tree back up onto the bank.  Phil and the taxi driver are looking on, wondering just how he did it.  They got back into their vechicles and traffic continued through.  We got several thumbs ups from drivers in the cars that saw what had happened…

 The really interesting thing to me is that no one had tried to do anything yet.  No telling how long the tree had been down, probably a half hour or more because after we proceeded there were nearly 300 cars queued up behind the site.  People had probably been creeping around it all morning as the backup grew and grew.  Funny that someone going the other direction was the one to finally stop and do something.  As we drove along the taxi driver muttered something about useless people from Surrey in suits…


One response to “Timberrrrr!

  1. people must be the same the world over…
    sarah…..only you could be involved in this kind of goings on…a tree over the road…where are the road maintenance guys?

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