Odd busfellows…

Today, instead of driving to work, I walked from our apartment to the Reading Train Station, where I hopped on the Thames Valley Park bus.  The bus runs from the station out to the business park where Microsoft is located, and it is financed by the tenants of the park, and is free to the riders.  One of the other compaines at the park is Oracle, along with bg and some others.  So, the bus is full of a bunch of people from Oracle and Microsoft.  It would sort of be like Amazon and Microsoft teaming up and providing a shared bus for their employees.  Wierd.


2 responses to “Odd busfellows…

  1. Man, that would be like the BP folks and the ExxonMobil folks getting on the same bus. I’m not sure that would lead to anything good. Did any of those Oracle guys steal your lunch?

  2. hey…..wiggle into their confidence….and learn some trade secrets

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