That’s not a Welsh accent

When we were in Wales this past weekend we stopped in the town of Monmouth.  It was a medium-sized market town off of the foreign tourist circut.  We stopped in the late afternoon and walked along the high street – looking in the various shops.  At two different shops the clerk commented on our accents, wanting to know where we were from.  Both then started conversations with us – the clerk at the sandwich shop called the other clerk because she was “from the states”  (ends up she lived there 20 years ago).

 The next day at the open-air museum one of the docents commented that he thought Steve was Welsh when he initially said hello, but quickly determined otherwise as he spoke more.  The docent went on to tell us that asking where someone is from based on their accent is a standard way of starting a friendly conversation.  Nice folks over there in Wales.


2 responses to “That’s not a Welsh accent

  1. We get that too, but it usually starts with “Y’all aren’t from around here, are ya?”

  2. you will have to learn all the dialects…..fool them good….

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