We were in London this weekend. I had a work meeting all day Friday with our client and Friday night was my team Christmas party at a hotel near Victoria station. The party was black tie, so Steve is now the owner of his very own tuxedo…and you know that is a major life step for him. I of course had to buy a new dress because my other party dresses are still in storage from the move:-) We were running late so we don’t have a picture – if we have to get dressed up again we’ll remember to take one.

Saturday we walked down to Westminster and houses of parliment. We just browsed around the parks and side streets – it is so nice to feel relaxed and not rushing around to see everything like one tends to do on vacation. I noticed recently we had not a single picture of the two of us together since the move so we took this one. We went to 3pm choral evensong at Westminster. We love choir and organ music so everytime we go is a treat.


3 responses to “London

  1. I love the self portraits. Robbie and I didn’t get a picture before our dance for my work party, as we didn’t have anyone to take it. Cheryl will be in town for our fifth wedding anniversary, so we’ll have her take one when we’re all dolled up for that.

  2. look at that dandy pull over cap on steve….no more of them bad ear aches

  3. Jon and Rebecca

    Okay… so we need pictures as proof that Steve actually wore a tuxedo. Then we need the caption ” Bond, James Bond” Sounds like so much fun!

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