The wonder of the Nutcracker

Our nephew Isaac is very observant.  Recently his mom related a story to us that had us rolling.

I took the kids and a few of their friends to a production of the Nutcracker.  The kids know the story because I read it to them at Christmas every year.  About 15 minutes into it, Isaac leaned over and said, “Mom!  When is all this dancing going to stop and the story start?”  I thought he knew a ballet WAS dancing.  He and his friend, Johnny, were pretty under-whelmed!


I’ve included a picture of Isaac in his more natural element – out in grandma’s backyard with his homemade bow and arrow set – complete with quiver.

2 responses to “The wonder of the Nutcracker

  1. Nutcracker was my first, middle, and last Ballet too. The second time I saw it I was in my 20’s and had trouble refraining from laughing all the way through at the size and shape of the male ballet dancers extra padding. I was similarly underwhelmed as a kidddy, I thought it was a pantomime because it was on stage and kept hoping the funny slapstick bits would start soon…

  2. i am going to skip it

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