Boxing Day Dinner

Steve made our Christmas dinner (meatloaf) on Boxing Day as I still couldn’t handle the smell of food. It was probably his most ambitious solo cooking endeavor to date. He spent a good two hours making it. It was great. We used a recipe from Martha Stewart, which calls for quite a few ingredients and is a real undertaking without a food processor, but it is one of Steve’s favorites and worth it for Christmas.

It was tough to find minced pork (which I think adds so much to the regular ground beef). While I was in line at the butcher shop on Christmas Eve picking some up I was chatting with the woman behind me in the queue. It dawned on me that meatloaf was a very “American” dish to have on our first Christmas in England.


One response to “Boxing Day Dinner

  1. Hi you two!
    Just received your postcard w/ the link to your blog and I was so excited to see your Martha Steawart meatloaf! Ahh…good memories of this one. :) Sarah…sorry to hear you were sick on Christmas. That’s NO fun! Take care,
    Rach & Brad

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