The sadness of parting

Despite only bringing about half of what was in our Bellevue house with us to England we are having to do some more paring down to get settled in the cottage. Steve had to go through his t-shirt drawer and make some hard choices. He decided to finally part with his “World’s Biggest Disk Golf Weekend” T-shirt. May 17 & 18 1997. I was still in high school. It was sad for him, but I can’t say it was as sad for me. That was one worn out, nasty T-shirt. Steve cleaned the windows of the cottage with it before throwing it out. Somehow that made him feel better.

4 responses to “The sadness of parting

  1. The Schrockinator

    What a glorious day of disc golf! Alas, now it shall be forgotten along with the grime from the windows…

  2. yay! you have a blog. I just added you to my google feed reader.

    Myles is EXACTLY the same way about his cloths. We have a lot of his stuff from back in high school that he will not let me give away.

  3. Man, you make the poor guy get rid of his youthful t-shirts the same week he turns 30? My current record is from 1994.

  4. I feel your pain here Steve, been there…

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