Back to the daily grind

2 Jan – back to the world of the working.  Tomorrow I have a morning meeting in London.  I am going to try to see an exhibit at the V&A, The Golden Age of Courture.  It only runs through the end of the week, so I hope I get lucky and they have some tickets available.  I’m going to pop over there after my meeting, the tickets are timed so I may need to find a Starbucks to hunker down in and get some work done.

OK – so the daily grind isn’t so bad : -)


2 responses to “Back to the daily grind

  1. Think you’re contagious across the Atlantic? I’ve got influenza and brochitis. Yuck. I read about that exhibit when it started there. It’s supposed to be pretty awesome. Hope you are able to “pop in”.

  2. It was not to be. The queue to buy tickets was over an hour long and I decided I didn’t want to see it THAT badly. I did have a nice walk across Hyde Park since the tube Circle line was not operating when I needed to get down there.

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