Sick over Christmas

I was sick on Christmas Day, not a lot of fun.  Steve found an article today that oficially diagnoses my illness as “winter vomiting disease.”  Very official sounding.

 The wierd part of my illness was not the one day of being sick, but the 4 days of hyper-sensitive nose that followed it.  I could not stand the smell of food.  Finally I had to force myself to eat some bland food, steak and mashed potatos.  After 5 days I had quite a calorie deficit which was then soundly taken care of by eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream in two sittings.


3 responses to “Sick over Christmas

  1. That made a headline over here in the US today. Sounded like that was a big deal over there.

    The flu stinks. I’m actually starting to get tired of reading. I didn’t know that was possible for me. Of course, that may be because the two books I’m reading don’t look too kindly on Americans. I’m learning a lot about Microsoft in China though.

  2. The Schrockinator

    I don’t like watching Sarah experience the Winter Vomiting Disease.

  3. what is this vomiting stuff…..steve used to say “I’m going to cough up” Upchuck is also a good word to use….well the good news is that you only get this disease in the wintertime….

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