The post (sometimes known as snail mail)

After being in the house for about a month we know a bit more about how the post works.  If a letter envelope is sent from the USA it will get to us in about one week.  I’ve seen as little as three days between a Morton, IL postmark and our mail slot – that’s super!  It costs $.90.  What a bargain! 

A box will not make it quite so quickly.  Our moms mailed two packages from Morton, IL on Dec 12th and 14th.  They both were delivered yesterday.  25 and 27 days.  They were both the size of a large shoebox and postage was $35-$40 a pop. 

Word to the wise – just send us letter sized envelopes.

** If you want our contact information send me an e-mail and I’ll send it to you.  If you don’t have my e-mail address post a comment in the blog and I’ll send it out to you – I can see the e-mail address you post your comment with even if it is not visible to other readers.


2 responses to “The post (sometimes known as snail mail)

  1. And your mail coming across the pond this direction is slow. Oh my gosh, I got my backpack today. 24 days of clothes in that? !@? All black, all the time.

  2. british sarah – your blog is such a delight to read! hope you are feeling better.

    send me your address!

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