Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping abroad is an experience.  So many things are different – the products, the stores, the carts (trolleys).  Some for better, some for worse.  I’ll outline a few.

Carts/Trolleys:  In the UK the carts are called trolleys.  All 4 wheels spin independently, as opposed to US style cars where the front wheels turn and the rear ones don’t.  The UK trolleys are great when they’re nearly empty – very manuverable – but when you have some heavy items and the trolley starts to get heavy they are really hard to turn.  I have come home from the supermarket with sore forearms more than once.

Delivery:  The UK is years ahead in the grocery delivery service sector.  I ordered our groceries online and set a delivery window of one hour, they arrived on time as promised and everything was in great condition.  This works great for a standard weeks worth of shopping when you know what you want.

Car wash:  At our local Tesco you can get your car washed while you shop.  You just tell them you want it washed, they roll their cart over and when you get back out your car is washed, pay them a few quid and you’re on your way.  Brilliant!

Products:  I’ll make this a 2-part post…


3 responses to “Grocery shopping

  1. Alright, see post below. Translate a quid into dollars?

  2. quid???

    sounds like sea food to this old farmer

  3. Quid= slang for one pound sterling. (like a buck means one US Dollar)

    See the referenced link in last week’s post on Sterling for more info

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