Groceries Part II

So…the groceries themselves are also all subtly different.  I endeavored to make chocolate chip cookies (the classic American comfort food).  The chocolate chips over here are rubbish.  I also needed baking soda – it does not come in a yellow box (it comes in a little plastic jar) and it is called “soda of bicarbonate.”  That took forever to find!  The cookies have not been made yet – my enthusiasm wained.

The cottage cheese is the same texture, but has a more sour taste (don’t quite like it yet).  Almost all liquids are sold in different size containers, so US recipes will need a lot of conversion.

It is not all lost.  Nutella (chocolate and hazlenut peanut-butter-like spread) flows like water and is so yummy on digestive biscuits (cookies).  There is a large variety of yummy crisps (chips).  The best thing about groceries over here is the wide selection of ready made meals.  You can buy refrigerated ready-made meals at the store that run circles around frozen dinners in the states.  I’d love to research the reasons for this, but I am confident that it is some combination of people having tiny kitchens and refrigerators and not cooking as much and the culture where people stop by the store on their way home on foot or train.


4 responses to “Groceries Part II

  1. Do I need to put a couple of bags of morsels on my packing list?

  2. I had the same problem finding chocolate chips in Spain, You just have to get a really good chocolate bar and a hammer and make your own chips.

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