Your brakes are backwards

(Guest post by Steve.)

My mountain bike was in pretty rough shape when it arrived from the states. We dropped it off at the local bike shop for a tune up on Saturday. Today I received a call that went something like this.

Bike guy: Hello, Steve. Your bike is ready for pick up.

Me: Great!

Bike guy: The strange thing is that your brakes are backwards.

Me: What?!

Bike guy: Oh, you are from America, aren’t you?

Me: Yes…

Bike guy: I’ll leave the brakes how they were then so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Me: Great!

Sarah rode her spiffy new UK bike to work for the first time today. Apparently she always engages both the front and rear brake levers simultaneously and did not realize they were reversed. I would have certainly been in for a nasty surprise if the bike guy had “fixed” my brakes, so I am grateful that he left them American-style.


2 responses to “Your brakes are backwards

  1. Can’t those Brits get anything right?

  2. yeah….we just hope that our kids don’t get their brains all fogged up

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