Local pubs

We have 2 pubs within walking distance – one about 15 minutes and one about 25.  The closer “The Pack Saddle” is a good sized country pub along a main road.  It is an easy place to go when you want to get out of the house in the evening when you’re tired from a long day at work.  There is a well established group of regulars that sit at the lower bar area.  They serve food, good, but nothing super special. 

The further one “The New Inn” is smaller, and off any main roads in a very small village.  It is a very pleasant walk along a lightly travelled lane through a wooded valley and across the countryside.  Their food is very good, the bar menu is the right mix between “pub food” and “gastro pub food.”

A third pub has been under refurbishment and it looks like it will be re-opening soon.  It is called The Pack Horse and is just about 3/4 of a mile down the road from “The Pack Saddle.”  (I wonder if there is a story behind how that came to be)  It will be nice to check that out too.  The walk there will be more complicated, as we will need to either cut across a golf course or take a footpath through the woods (tricky at night).


4 responses to “Local pubs

  1. Eat more, drink less and carry a flashlight. It can work. You could buy a hand cranked one and go green.

  2. Are you censoring comments now? I noticed I got deleted.

  3. I do moderate comments to prevent spam. Once I approve a comment from a particular e-mail address all future comments from that address are auto-approved.

    I only delete comments from my sister;-)

  4. Or said sister is a doofus and forgot she posted that comment on flickr and not on the blog after she followed the link.

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