The complete Sherlock Holmes

Last Thursday night I finished my reading of the complete Sherlock Holmes.  ~1200 pages over two volumes.  It took several months, but the last half went considerably faster after moving into our country house.  I spent many an evening curled up by the fire reading.  I prefer the short story format as opposed to the novels.  I have more of a short story attention span and I didn’t like how most of the novels were first half mystery and then the second half went back and set up the back story.  I guess I enjoyed the first half of most of the novels.

I have only seen a couple of the stories from the Jeremy Brett TV shows, so almost all of the stories were new to me and were pictured in my imagination.  It really comes alive when you spend the day in London, riding the Underground and then come home and read about Holmes and Watson travelling some of the same lines.  He and Watson often took the train west, passing through Reading.  I picture Holmes in my imagination much as my father-in-law since they share many traits, tall and lanky, observant and crazy smart.  All he is missing is the pipe.


5 responses to “The complete Sherlock Holmes

  1. And he’s plus one on the wife. Not a confirmed old bachelor. I guess it would be hard for your father-in-law to be a bachelor…

  2. I just happened to listen to a recording of an old (1940’s) Sherlock Holmes radio show earlier today. They had original stories based on the characters, and, being a short radio show, they are fairly simple. But fun to listen to. Starred Basil Rathbone (the best Holmes ever) and Nigel Bruce (played Watson too dimwitted for my taste); they did a few Holmes movies together as well.

    We have a complete set of Sherlock Holmes stories too, and I think I’ve read them all – I definitely prefer the short stories. The nice thing about a memory like mine is that I can go back and re-read a story a year later and not have a clue how it’s going to turn out! :-)

    If would be great to be reading these near London. You should visit Baker Street sometime – I’ve always wanted to do that. I understand that the address 221B doesn’t exist, but there are probably Holmes-related tourist things nearby.

  3. Susie the History Nerd:)

    Daughter of said “crazy smart father-in-law” would also like to point out that as well as missing the pipe he is also missing the cocaine additction :) Am I remembering this correctly Sarah? Does the cocaine/morphine habit play out in the stories? I think I remember watching a movie that showed something of this!

    Does your reading plan include Jane Austin? Caleb is reading all Brit Lit in our home school co-op! He has plowed through Shakespeare, Dickens, Kipling, Bronte and is now getting ready for Pride and Prejudice :P You can imagine how thrilled he is! No abridged versions here. They will also be doing some CS Lewis and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

  4. I was hoping someone would be keen enough to point out the cocaine difference:-) Yes, Holmes has a cocaine habit – which he attributed to the times when his brain needed stimulation in-between cases. One commentary I read discussed the possibility that Holmes’ character was manic depressive…

    I read P&P on the beach in Florida over Christmas 2005 and S&S in high school. I don’t currently have any other JA on my stack of books. Top of the stack currenlty are a couple of books on project management…

    We did see JA’s grave in Winchester in November

  5. Ooh. Project management. Nothing like a little “light” reading. I’ve read enough psycho-babble management books in the last four years, that I don’t think I’ll pick one up for awhile. I’m currently reading Jack Welch’s book for my leadership class.

    78 days to go.

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