Which one is Steve?

This picture contains at least two, and maybe three young Steve doppelgangers. Which one do you think is most uncanny? Can you figure out who is actually pictured in the photo?

12 responses to “Which one is Steve?

  1. definitely the front boy!

  2. Susie the History Nerd:)

    The short one in the red shirt! Absolutely :) Wow!

  3. I vote for the red one because of the slightly off-center smile.

    Is the one on the left Eli Manning?

  4. Zach wins the prize! (well, he would have if there was a prize) This is a picture of the Manning brothers.

  5. The Schrockinator

    This is Cooper Manning in the hat, Peyton Manning in the sweater, and Eli Manning in the red polo.

    In the picture Eli definitely looks like me as a child quite a bit and Cooper looks a lot like me in my first drivers license photo. Perhaps they are distant relation…

  6. I thought I remembered Steve wearing the plaid shirt when he started coming around our house.

  7. Yes, Del would remember the 17 y.o. Steve:-) Wendy has seen Steve’s 16 y.0. drivers license photo – thus she picked Cooper too.

    Daniel and Susie both knew Steve when he was still “Stevie.”

    Zach never knew a young Steve, but he is quite observant for picking up on the slightly off-center smile.

    Hopefully Steve’s mom will chime in soon – her word would be the official verdict.

    I first noticed a Steve “Manning” connection when Eli was drafted a few years back. A photo in the paper looked a lot like Steve when he was younger. After Eli won the super bowl I decided to look it up again and found this gem.

  8. Wow. That sweater screams eighties.

  9. Oh, and now we need a photo of the “real” Steve Schrock.

  10. Well, The tall fella on the left certainly is wearing a plaid flannel shirt reminscent of one of Steve’s relics, but he looks like Andy Zeller. My pick is the darling little fella in the red shirt. The giveaway that it’s not him, though, is that as Steve’s barber, I never quite mastered such a professional looking haircut. Ha! The fella on the right is a “stranger.”

  11. the red shirt- it’s the way he hangs his arms.

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