Back from Paris

We’re back from Paris.  Had a great time and one of us came back a year older;-)

Paris was not that high on my list of places to visit while we’re here in Europe, but it is just so darn easy to get over there on the Eurostar that we decided to go anyway.  I have to admit that I liked it more than I thought I would.  I’ll post more details later – but the 2-cent version.

4.0 = exceeded expectations
3.0 = met expectations
2.5 = did not meet expectations

Paris city center = 4.0 (amazing weather helped)
The Metro = 4.0
Eiffel tower = 3.0
The Louve = 4.0
French food = 4.0
Versailles = 2.5
Eurostar = 3.5
Mindless mobs of tour groups = 2.5 (Every trip I take I am amazed at how dumb 50 intellegent people can be if you pack them on a tour bus. When will I learn?)


2 responses to “Back from Paris

  1. That is the most convoluted ranking system I have ever seen. Is that something from the program managers handbook?

  2. Old-school MS performance review scale…

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