Sunday in Paris

Sunday morning we got up and headed straight to the Lourve. First thing we headed up to see the Mona Lisa and Venus del Milo. The whole Mona Lisa thing is a riot! When you enter the museum gallery there are signs with the Mona Lisa and an arrow so you can navigate your way there (not an easy thing to do as the Lourve is HUGE). When you get to the room housing the Mona Lisa there is a huge crowd – with velvet ropes to funnel everyone in. We had gotten there shortly after opening time and the rest of the museum was deserted – but there were already several hundred folks in there staring at the silly thing. The painting itself is quite small (poster board size), behind an enormous piece of plexi glass and roped off so that you can’t get within 15 feet of it. I don’t get the big deal with it. Opposite the Mona Lisa is an ENORMOUS painting of the Cannan wedding feast miracle (it on the other hand is quite impressive and not behind plexiglass). The rest of the pictures in the room, I surmised, don’t think get looked at very much.

The Lourve totally exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think there was anyway for it to live up to the hype, but it is a truly incredible place. The scale is immense. Every room is filled with beautiful and important things. Incredible. Some of my Flickr pictures show our favourites. If we ever return to Paris we’ll go again – you could go once a month for the rest of your life and not run out of things to see.

In the afternoon we left the Museum and walked down the Right Bank to Notre Dame – planning to go in – but I was so overwhelmed and mentally exhausted that I didn’t want to go in. We made plans to return later in our trip and just walked around the Latin Quarter and the Left Bank. We had a yummy crepe with Nutella (I am mildly obsessed with the stuff) – mine with banana and Steve’s with Grand Marnier. We hung out at a cafe – watching people go by – and then had a so-so dinner before taking the Metro home.

More pictures up at Flickr.


2 responses to “Sunday in Paris

  1. The Schrockinator

    How many people were confused by Sarah’s right “leg” when they first glanced at this picture?

  2. Susie the History Nerd:)

    I thought maybe you were in period clothing and it was a bustle :)

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