Local gossip…

Three guys are standing in a pub…a cricket player, a solicitor and a vicar…

This is not the start of a bad joke – it was the actually scene at our favorite pub tonight.  We heard that the pub is being bought by a couple of local guys (the cricket player and the solicitor).  Seems that the pub was sold a few years ago and “gentrified”  (see my earlier post on local pub politics).  Two long-time locals decided to buy it themselves to turn it back into a regular country pub.  They longed for the more casual place it used to be.  We have found the pub to be, despite its fancy menu, a very friendly place with a good set of regular customers and very good food.  I hope that only gets better with a new, more low-key ownership.

We were chatting with the bar-maid and said that as long as they kept their roast potatoes and sticky toffee pudding on the menu and Scrumpy Jack and a good Bitter on tap that any changes were OK with us:-)

We also had a funny conversation about being American in this neck of the woods, but that will have to wait for a later post;-)


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