Spring bike ride

This morning we headed out on the bikes and checked out some of the nearby villages.  Yesterday the weather forecast looked bad and we didn’t thing we’d get out, but by in the morning it didn’t call for rain until after noon, so we got up and out early to try to squeeze a ride in.  It was a beautiful spring morning, the daffodills are up and blooming all around – many out in the wooded areas – makes for beautiful walking and cycling.

We headed up to Stoke Row and checked out Maharajah’s Well.  Then we meandered about from town to town – checking out the various pubs – making notes for future walks and cycle trips.  Our friend who moved from Seattle to Reading about the same time we did wants to come out on a country pub walk with us sometimes soon, and we’ll probably hit a couple that we saw today – proper country pubs.

At noon we stopped at a pub for a light lunch and as we were eating the weather started to look bad.  We paid our tab and scurried out.  We cycled straight home and the rain started to fall less than a minute after we got in the door.


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