How much do you like going to the dentist?

Life has been pretty boring at the Schrock house this past week (pretty much work 24-7 for me) so we’ll use our extended family for material:-)

Funny Ethan (our 4 year old nephew) story:  Ethan LOVES to go to the dentist, maybe because of the “free” tooth brush, etc. he gets.  Anyway, he is lying there waiting for Dr. Zim to check his teeth and he tells mom, “I love that boy what lives here all the time.  He is very nice.”  Well, mom started laughing because he is referring to Dr Zim!  Mom asked Ethan if we could tell this to Dr Zim and Ethan said, “No!  Keep it quiet!  Keep it secret!”  If mom didn’t know better, she would think this kid has been watching Lord of the Rings!  He was pretty much quoting Gandalf!

I don’t love the dentist, but they always love to see me.  Maybe that is because I help finance their new boats…

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