We only have one American on our team.

Steve was eating lunch yesterday with his teammate as well as some colleagues visiting from the States.  They were talking about the international makeup of the UK based team (not many Brits or Americans).  Steve’s teammate told the visiting colleague “we only have one American on our team.” 

Steve acted insulted, “what do you think I am?” 
“Well, I don’t really think of you as American.”
“Where do you imagine I’m from?”
“I don’t know.”

This is the third time this week someone has gotten our country of origin wrong.  On Sunday at church twice people asked what part of Canada we were from.  I think our American accent is weakening as we have to ennunciate differently to be understood over here.


2 responses to “We only have one American on our team.

  1. hmmm… I suspect the reasoning goes more like ‘you are nice people, you can’t possibly be US American so you must be Canadian American”.

  2. Mom and I walked into a downtown cafe in Zurich….sat down…and started to look at the menu….we had not spoken since we came in…the waiter came over and popped down two glasses of tap water….

    I says….what’s with the water? He says….I know that you Americans like your water.

    I says…..we didn’t say that we were Americans.
    He says…..O, I can tell…..


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