No soup for you!

Easter Monday we were tooling around County Meath, Ireland, checking out the local historical sites (to be posted later).  We were in search of a light lunch about 2pm, and were in the lovely village of Slane.  We parked on the main street in front of this lovely pub.  It had a sign (the rectangular one past the guiness sign) clearly indicating that they served soup and sandwiches.  I was in the market for soup, so we headed inside.  I asked the bartender what their soup was today and he said to go across the street, where they serve great soup and that was where they usually went for lunch.  We were a little bit confused, but we headed across the street.

After our lunch (my soup was so-so, Steve had some great homemade fried mushrooms) we headed back over to the pub for a pint.   We sat there for about 45 minutes chatting with the bartender and his buddy Carrol (male), who was sitting at the bar as well.  A big horse race, the Irish Grand National, was on so we learned quite a bit about that.  They had a lot of questions about the Kentucky Derby, which since we’re American we must be experts on (but actually we know practially nothing about it).  We also talked about the local area, as both Carrol and the bartender grew up in Slane.  It is acutally a lot like Morton, everyone knows everyone, most kids leave, but then a few come back.  Lots of people are moving to the area and making the 90+ minute commute into Dublin.  We all agreed that sort of commute was crazy, even with Slane being a lovely place to live. 

As we were getting ready to leave we asked about the sign.  The bartender said they hadn’t served soup for years.  I mentioned that they might want to take the soup sign down, if they don’t ever serve it.  The bartender hollered for the owner to come over and relayed the message.  The owner said “I tried to take it down.  The historical commission won’t let me.”  I noted he should affix another sign, with “no soup for you!”  They didn’t seem to get it, I guess this Seinfeld reference is not as universal as I thought it was.


One response to “No soup for you!

  1. booksandbasketball

    In America, they would get sued for lack of truth in advertising.

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