Castles, pirates and rats.

To get back to our Ireland trip…we left Dublin on Easter Sunday, picking our rental car up at the airport and then heading north about 90 minutes to Trim, County Meath.  Our destination was Trim Castle.  It is a neat castle ruins that has been restored in a neat way so that you can visit the roof and enjoy the view and access some of the higher bits – while allowing it to remain as it is – a ruins.

We had a great tour guide (a theme on our Ireland trip) who explained a lot of the history of the castle, including some anecdotes from the filming of Braveheart that occured at the castle in the 1990’s.  (Yes, Braveheart was set in Scotland, the Irish are proud that so much was filmed in Ireland)

Anyway, there were several children on the tour and the tour guide did a great job including them and talking with them.  About half way through the tour the guide asked if there were any questions.  A boy about 5 years old raised his hand very slowly.  After being called on he asked.  “Sir, when the pirates lived here, and they were dying, did they eat rats?”  You could just see from his serious and worried look that the wheels were turning in his little head and he was trying to figure out how all his conceptions of “old stuff” were trying to fit together.  The tour guide sturggled for a response, until the little boy’s dad said they could talk about it in the car…


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