Noisy neighborhood.

I was feeling under the weather today, so I stayed home and worked from the comfort of my living room sofa.  Around noon I noticed that there sure was a lot of noice coming from outside – ends up that the cows at the farm sure were agitated about something.  They were making noise all afternoon.  I told Steve this on the phone, and he said “are they mooing?”  Um, yeah, what other noise do cows make?

Then the roosters and chickens joined in because they didn’t like the BT guys fixing the phone line in their grazing area west of the house.  Can’t anyone get any peace out here?


7 responses to “Noisy neighborhood.

  1. And in the words of Alex Trebek, “What sound does a doggy make?”

  2. Sick? How sick?

  3. Just feeling achy and tired – people at work have been dropping like flies so I decided to play it safe and stay home. Seem to be feeling OK tonight…

  4. booksandbasketball

    You wanted to live in the country. You got your country house and now you gripe about the livestock noises.

  5. Not griping, just observing. One slightly annoying thing is that I kept thinking I was hearing my phone vibrate…

  6. The Schrockinator

    I would expect cows to make a different noise when they are rebelling against the farmer, trampelling our fence, and trying to break through our kitchen door…

  7. booksandbasketball

    How did you mistake a mooing cow for a vibrating cellphone?

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