Coming from America

My parents are arriving tomorrow for a visit.  I’m sure I’ll post about our adventures together.

One good thing about having them come is that they are bringing a lot of the things I’ve been needing from the States.  These include:

  • My favorite American magazines (Real Simple, Cottage Living, Martha Stewart Living, Blueprint (OK, I’m a magazine junkie))
  • Chocolate chips (proper Nestle Tollhouse Morsels)
  • Crisco (for making chocolate chip cookies)
  • Vitamins ($6 for a year’s supply at Wal-Mart vs roughly £20 here)
  • An old waterproof jacket from my university days
  • A J. Crew catalog (Lowell snared this for me)
  • Life Savers wint-o-green mints

I’m already starting my list for Margie’s trip here next month.


2 responses to “Coming from America

  1. booksandbasketball

    Let me know on the magazines. I’ll read them all on the flight over, so we can count it as a green recycling activity. No Domino?

    I don’t think a cherry lime-ade would stay frozen for the flight.

  2. Yay, Domino too.

    Bummer on the cherry lime-ade from Sonic. I did get to have two when I was in Floriday in February though. Yum!

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