Pub spin.

A couple weeks back on a beautiful Saturday afternoon we went out on a pub spin (a pub crawl by bike) in our neighbornood. 

First stop was the Black Horse in Checkendon.  This is a hole-in-the-wall sort of pub back in the woods near a riding stable.  No food, no till – just a few pulls and a pad of paper where they write out your tab.  Great atmosphere.  We’ll probably bring our friend Wendy here when she comes on a walking crawl next month.

The next stop was a mere mile or so down the road at the 4 Horseshoes in Checkendon.  We had hoped to eat lunch here, but alas were too late.  So we settled for a half pint of ale each.  A local school fundraiser was just finishing up and the back garden was full of families.  There was a plant sale – and I would have bought a couple had I a way to carry them back (or a garden I cared to tend).

The last stop was at the Highwayman – and this place is really out in the country.  It is between Checkendon and Cane End.  It has just recently reopened after being closed for quite a while.  Here we each had a half of Oxford Gold, one of our old standbys, and some peanuts (we were pretty hungry by now).  At this last pub we calculated that our ride was about 12 miles, but had we stopped at every pub we passed we would have made 9 stops! 

Coming out of this stop and heading home it was much easier to get up the hills – I guess a pint or two will do that to you.  4.5 pints over the 12 miles would have been way too much:-)

One response to “Pub spin.

  1. i want to experience england in this manner.

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