Del and Beckie in London

Guest author Beckie Dickerson

Our first trip to Englad began yesterday.  After getting into Heathrow, where we were expertly collected by our son-in-law Steve, we spent the day at Steve and Sarah’s.  We took a nap and then got up and took a walk around the neighborhood.  We made it all the way up to the next village.  After Sarah got home from work we went up to their regualr pub for dinner.

We enjoyed touring London today.  We took the train from Reading into the city.  We met for lunch cousin Laurie, who we hadn’t seen in 25 years.  The main touring event was taking the double decker bus tour to see all the major sites and a short boat tour on the River Thames.  It was a cold, wet, damp day, but not too wet or cold to spoil the day. 

More pictures are up at flickr.

Lowell arrives tomorrow morning then we are all off to Portsmouth.


One response to “Del and Beckie in London

  1. FYI from Lowell. He is through security and missed your call. He is getting dinner before his flight.

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