Saturday Morning we picked Lowell up at Heathrow.  He had a full welcoming committe.

After his flight from New York, instead of getting a nap, we headed straight to Portsmouth on the South coast of England to see the historic docyards and the HMS Victory.

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant directly across from the dockyard.  I had my doubts about the place, but was overruled.  Mom picked a starter dish of Whitebait that “sounded good”.  When it arrived it was looking back at her – little fried fish – eyes and all.  She made a good effort, but her face told the real story.  Lowell gallantly gave him some of his cod and traded for the Whitebait.  She decided she will not order any more unfamiliar fish on this trip.

Next we headed over to the HMS Victory – the most important ship in Britain.  The ship is very well presented – you do a self guided tour through the decks of the ship.  The 3 men over 6′ in our family really had to watch their heads – and so did the short women. 

After about an hour on the ship we spent a couple hours in the excellent museum.  Lowell is at shipbuilding school so he could have spent all day geeking out over the boats and naval history.  We stayed until almost closing time, then drove back home.  We have a full house now, so Steve and I moved out down the road to our local public house.

Pictures at Flickr.


4 responses to “Portsmouth

  1. booksandbasketball

    Looks like you had a good day. I’m sure Lowell enjoyed the boat. The mom’s nemesis comment on Flickr now makes a lot more sense. New pictures for me up on the blog.

  2. I love your long hair!! And I also love reading about all of your adventures….. we miss you!

  3. booksandbasketball

    Two weeks without a post. Are you still recovering from the family visit?

  4. Yes, a total slacker.

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