Load 10/11

I post this photo in victory.  This was the 10th of 11 loads of laundry after my parents and brother visited last week.  Only 4 days until Margie comes – but at least I’m through with the laundry.  Well almost – I have a lot of ironing to do.  I really miss my tumble dryer.

This was the first and only load dried on the line.  Most days I was either doing the laundry at night or it was threatening rain showers and I didn’t want to have to keep running out to bring it back in.  I’m happy to report that no birds poo’d on the laundry while it was drying.

One response to “Load 10/11

  1. The joys of living in the country. Worrying about bird poo on your clean sheets. I will check carefully before going to sleep on Saturday night.

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