Monday with the Dickersons

On Monday of my family’s visit (two weeks ago because I’m a slacker blogger) we packed up the car and headed out for a week of sightseeing around England.  We drove up to Stratford-upon-Avon to see the Shakespear sites.  We lunched picnic style from M&S then walked past a few of the Shakespeare sites.  None of us are Shakespeare buffs so it wasn’t worth going in.

After this stop we headed towards our destination for the night, in the lake district.  We got stopped in not one but two massive traffic jams.  We got off of the M6 trying to avoid the second jam, but after taking 30 minutes to go 200 yards in the city centre at 5pm, we ended up giving up in Wallingford, and just parked the car and found a place to eat dinner. 

One of the worst things about England is that for some reason, anytime there is a significant accident on the motorway they think they need to shut the whole thing down for hours on end to do an “investigation.”  For goodness sakes people!  Just get the injured people out of the cars, take some pictures and scoot it over to the side.  They waste millions of hours and hundreds of millions of pounds with these things.  Unbelieveable.


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