Saturday with the Dickersons

Saturday brought Lowell’s last day on English soil.  Everyone had a late night on Friday so we had a late start to the day.  Lowell packed up his things and we headed into Reading city centre for lunch.  It was a beautiful day and we sat outside on the high street with some Cornish pasties.

Next stop was Jackson’s department store.  It is a wonderful time warp of a department store.  The clerks still write up your sales slip by hand.  My friend Wendy blogged about it shortly after I moved to Reading and from that first exposure I knew mom would go nuts over this place, and she did.   After much deliberation she purchased a couple of small rugs for her bathroom and some embroidered cloths to sit on top of some side tables.  I’ll have to make a separate post on Jackson’s sometime soon.

After practically dragging mom out of Jackson’s we hit the road.  We dropped Mom and Dad off at Windsor Castle and dropped Lowell off at Heathrow for his flight home.  Steve and I returned to Windsor where we had a drink and a bite to eat to pass the beautiful afternoon while Mom and Dad explored the castle.  Their luck is not as good as Linda’s, as they did not see the Queen. 

Around 5 we joined Mom and Dad at the castle for evensong.  You may line up outside the main gate and attend evensong  without paying the (quite high) admission fee to the castle.  This is handy to know if you just want a taste of Windsor.

Evensong was fabulous.  The choir was clearly excellent – as one might expect the Queen to have the best choir in her home chapel.


2 responses to “Saturday with the Dickersons

  1. Wvwetonw should be required to purchase something in Jacksons, it is quite an outstanding experience… …I’m ramping up to blog on it, the manakins, the mechandising, the staff, the layout, its all way too much fun for a Saturday afternoon!

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