Saturday with the Gordons

My sister, Margie, and her husband Robbie arrived today!  They are visiting us for the weekend at the front end of a three-week holiday in in Europe.  We picked them up at Reading station and quickly fed them before they got any more famished than they were.  They took a quick (well, not as quick as they intended) nap and then we all walked up to the New Inn for a pint.  I didn’t know Margie was a fan of cider (must be in the blood) so she is in for a treat here in England.  We enjoyed the music of an organ grinder drifting across from the school fair next door.  At 4 Robbie played a round of golf – a valiant effort of 12 holes before succumbing to the jet lag.

For dinner we headed across the countryside to Hambleden, and the Stag and Huntsmen.  It was a beautiful evening and we sat outside.  Our mains were excellent (pork loin and steak and ale pie).  Margie and Robbie then ordered the apple and cinnamon crumble which was incredible.  Rich and buttery, not too sweet.  Margie gave me a bit before they had their first bite, good thing because they polished the whole thing off in about 90 seconds.

I forgot to mention that while we were eating the yummy food it happened to be the time that Margie and Robbie’s MBA graduation was occuring in Houston.  A little ceremonial humming of ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ was provided by Steve and I before being asked to stop by an embarassed Margie.

4 responses to “Saturday with the Gordons

  1. Looks like Margie has green beans. What a waste. She should try the mushy peas.

  2. i assume that they don’t eat that quantity very often …or it would be ‘fat city’

  3. The Schrockinator

    Well Houston is supposed to be the fattest city in the world…

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