Sunday with the Dickersons

On the last full day of my parents’ visit we drove up to Blenheim Palace, about 90 minutes north of our house.

Steve and I had been here before in 2004 so we just spent the day exploring the vast grounds.  Mom and Dad went inside the house.  It is a fabulous palace, vast and grand.  It has an interesting history as the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

We saw an interesting exhibit in one of the stable houses that exhibited a lot about the workings of the vast farm – if you’re ever there I recommend finding it in the pleasure garden.

We headed back in the late afternoon, we were all pretty tired, and had a dinner of tortellini before Mom started packing the bags to head home in the morning.

Monday they headed for home, I dropped them off at Heathrow in the morning.  Probably not worth its own post.

I think Mom & Dad enjoyed their trip.

One response to “Sunday with the Dickersons

  1. Mom and Dad enjoyed the trip!!! It was wonderful to have our daughter and son-in-law host us for a week and a half, plan our itinerary and take us to so many beautiful places. What a great way to take a first trip to Europe. Thanks so very much Sarah and Steve.

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