Sunday with the Gordons

This past Sunday we took Margie and Robbie to Bath.  We got to Bath in time to take the excellent walking tour provided by the the mayor’s guides.  The two hour tour was enthusiastically led by our guide who obviously loved sharing his city with visitors from around the world (especially getting to chat up the French ladies).

After a two hour walking tour on a warm day we were all pretty tired.  So it was to M&S for sandwiches.  Margie figured out on Saturday that they make some pretty darn good lemonade and she looked for any opprotunity to get back and buy more lemonade.  In the afternoon we toured the Roman Baths

Afterwards Margie, Robbie and Steve went to evensong at Bath Abbey.  (I knew I could not stay awake as I had been struggling all afternoon, so I just aimlessly wandered around the shops.  Rumor is one of the three of them nodded off during evensong, but I won’t name names.)  Steve rated the singers higher than the ones at Windsor, which is quite high.  Maybe we should keep an evensong scorecard…


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