Our ‘backyard’

We live in a really lovely area.  So lovely in fact that the overnight destination for our anniversary trip was just 15 miles away from our house.

We ate dinner and stayed overnight at The Crown at Pishill.  The pub dates from the 15th century, and today it is an honest English pub with very good food and a friendly staff.  It is set in a beautiful, secluded valley, the pub is really the only destination for many miles.

The Crown’s only accomodation is a cottage, shown at left above, and that is where we stayed.  It has a ‘self service’ full English breakfast.  It takes a long time to cook a full English breakfast we found.  After finishing breakfast we looked at the map for a good walking destination.  We drove over to Turvill, the most ridiculously charming village I’ve ever seen.  We parked in the village and walked out southwest of town and then out to the West of town.  The pictures speak for themselves.

On our way home we had to stop at the Stag and Huntsmen  for some of the ridiculously good apple crumble (we held out 8 days before returning for the crumble).  We calculated that we’ll be an hour’s cycle from Hambleden at our new place…


3 responses to “Our ‘backyard’

  1. props to steve for such a good find.

  2. The new banner photograph is fabulous, and I do like the way you are getting into the rambling, pub-exploring culture.

  3. Ooh. Apple crumble.

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