Eight years

Who are those kids?  Oh, that’s us, 8 years ago today.  Time flies.


7 responses to “Eight years

  1. happy anniversary guys!

  2. Happy Anniversary! It is quite amazing that after all this time you look pretty much the same as you used to (comparing wedding photo and recent blog photo here).

  3. Lots of happy memories from this time 8 years ago. Hope you enjoyed your anniversary.

  4. Happy Anniv! Isn’t married life great! We are looking forward to 5yrs this July!

    Many more!

  5. Happy anniversary from Vernazza Italy. We’re a day late but hope you’ll understand.

  6. Hey Sarah,

    I just checked out your blog link from your facebook page and realized that you all were in the UK. How awesome is that. I love all the pics on your blog.

    Also, Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy 8th Anniversary one day late. What a good looking couple. Sounds like you had a marvelous trip to Oxford. Now you have to rest up. [The story of your life in the UK, travel and rest up, travel and rest up.]
    Congratulations. Love, Mom S

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