We own a television here – but we don’t watch it very much.  Mostly this is laziness on our part.  We haven’t taken the time to figure out what programs we would want to watch.  My friend Wendy recently sent me a primer on some good shows, so I’ll have to check some of those out.  We do have one program we like, I’ll write about that tomorrow.

That said, it doesn’t take long to make several simple observations.  There are many strange things about UK TV.

  • A lot (probably most) channels are not on all day.  They may only be on for prime evening time, or just during the day.  (as opposed to the states where channels are on at least 5am – midnight)
  • You pay for broadcast TV but satellite is free.  You pay a TV tax for the broadcast of the BBC (you must pay if you have a TV) but you can get lots of satellite channels for free, just paying for the premium ones.
  • They seem to be obsessed with Football (soccer).  It’s on all the time.

Another reason we don’t watch much telly is that I miss sTiVo.  I’ll blog on that for Sunday.


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