We took a long walk Saturday between a few villages out to the west of our house.  It was a very windy day (thus preempting the bike ride we had originally planned) but beautiful none-the-less. 

At one point on our walk we were on a quiet country lane besides a field with grazing cattle.  All of a sudden the cows started walking towards us, then running towards us. 


After this shot I got a bit terrified as all these cows were running straight at us and there was nothing but a little wire fence separating them from us.

They stopped when they all got smushed up at the fence and stared at us expectantly.  I think they thought we were bringing their afternoon snack.  Thank goodness they didn’t think ‘we’ were the afternoon snack.  (yes, yes, I know cattle are herbivores, but just wait until a herd starts running at you)  We kept walking and when I looked back the cows were looking very sad, as they figured out we did not have their snack.


4 responses to “Stampede

  1. THE old farmer

    hay hay (for the cows)

    i take it that you all did not grow up on the farm

    those cows look like big friendly dogs…they just wanted to be petted and their tummies rubbed

    just don’t let them sit on your lap

  2. I had the same experience when I was studying in England, except that time my friend and I had to walk RIGHT THROUGH the herd… a normal hour-long walk to the town took only 30 minutes because of the cattle.

  3. This reminds me of my own scary cow incident… it happened about two minutes after I had jumped out of an airplane along with about 19 other skydivers. About halfway through the dive I had a few seconds to spare until the next formation change, so I looked down to find the dropzone. Sure enough, it was nowhere in sight. I didn’t recognize anything and had no idea where I was, so I decided that I’d break off early and deploy my parachute a couple of thousand feet higher than usual. Having done so, it was time to find a place to land. In order to avoid hazards like power lines, it’s usually a good idea to land in the center of a big field. And I had found a nice big field that was right next to a road. Perfect! I landed and started picking up my parachute, and only now noticed the big herd of cows. Just then Bessy looks up, sees me, and turns to her friend Bessy, presumable saying something like “Hey, this is new! Let’s go check it out!” And now the entire herd is bearing down on me, as I desperately try to wad up 170 square feet of zero-porosity fabric. All I could think of was “If there’s a bull in this herd and he confuses me for a matador waving a big piece of cloth around, I’m as good as dead!” The cows followed me the entire time I was walking backwards towards the fence, taking turns to sniff at the parachute. Luckily, they didn’t deem it edible, and there was no bull around, so I lived to skydive another day.

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