An easier move

We are getting ready to move for the 4th time in 9 months.  This move will be the easiest of the four.

  1. We are moving to a place no smaller, and just a wee bit bigger than our current place. 
  2. We don’t have to divest of much (just a few things I should have gotten rid of when we moved here*)
  3. When we get there we won’t have to buy much new to make it work. **
  4. This place was so small lots of things are already in boxes.***
  5. We have been inside the house before and have pictures, so we know what space we’re dealing with and I can envision what will go where.
  6. I’m packing the boxes – so things that belong together are going in the same box – less chaos on the unpacking end.
  7. And the biggest reason…we have less stuff!!!!

* Things I should have gotten rid of when I got here include the metal bed frame for the box spring we had to throw out because it wouldn’t fit up the stairs.

** Like when we moved to England and we had to buy lots of electrical appliance that run on 240V and new, smaller furniture.

*** Stuff already in boxes: all my extra linens because I don’t have a linen cabinet; all our bathroom stuff because we don’t have a bathroom cabinet; two boxes of kitchen stuff I am going to keep, but didn’t fit in the kitchen cabinets here; Steve’s stereo speakers; one box of linens for a queen size bed that I should have left in America because we didn’t even try to bring our queen size…

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