Pillbox bunkers

Our Saturday walk, after passing the aggressive cows, took us along the Thames for a mile or two of the Thames Path.  At one point we saw a very cool bunker, and poked around a bit. 

It was well concealed from the river behind some trees and was at a location with a good view both upstream and down. 

I found online that these are called ‘pillbox’ bunkers and that they are quite a few remaining from WWII, scattered around England particularly along the coasts and rivers.  While searching I also found this article on one that has been cleverly incorporated into a home’s landscape design.


3 responses to “Pillbox bunkers

  1. THE old farmer

    does this pillbox have a door…if so…you can jump into the thing to escape those friendly and cuddly cows….my my…it almost makes me lonesome for the farm….well….almost…..but not quite

  2. I’m told that some of the old redbrick terraced houses in reading still have WW2 air-raid shelters in their back gardens. Reading was considered relatively safe (children from London evacuated here) though it did get bombed.

  3. That is a great idea about the cows and bunkers. Next time I’m being chased by a cow I’ll look for a bunker…

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