Bike with Bear

Today our friends Richard, Shannon and Maddy came on a bike ride with us.  We were happy to show them this beautiful area that we enjoy so much.  The wild rhododendrons were in bloom in the woods and the sunlight filtering down on them was beautiful.

Maddy had a pretty posh setup.  Her dad fastened bear securely with a bungee cord (second only to duct tape in universal utility).  Maddy and bear enjoyed the trip – the rhododendrons were so exciting that Maddy was out cold – although bear appears to still be wide awake.


2 responses to “Bike with Bear

  1. Rhododendrons. Not native to the UK.
    BBC reports that the Rhododendron is

    ‘An aggressive foreign shrub has been declared enemy number one in the Derbyshire Peak District.’

    Its the Washington state plant.

  2. And we wonder why we get neck pain when we get old.

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