Don’t mess with the bull

We went out for a drink on Friday with our neighbor Tony, one last hurrah before we move.  Tony grew up in this area and is familiar with so many people and places.  He has the gift of gab and always has a great story.  Aggressive bovines seem to be popping up a lot in our life this week (weird) and I thought I’d share it here.

He was telling us about his time as a farmhand on a local farm.  A couple of the other farmhands were trying to get a bull out of a field of cows so they could bring in a different bull.  They got the bull about halfway out of the field before he decided he didn’t want to go and he chased off after the farmhand.  Tony saw it and drove out towards them and the farmhand managed to scramble into the bed of the truck just as the bull was about to reach him.

Later that day the farmer was giving the farmhands a hard time about ‘upsetting the bull’ and started showing off by tickling the bull under the nose.  This lasted a minute or so before the bull backed up and put his head and horns literally through the boot end of the farmer’s Volvo, sending the front end of the car up several feet before crashing back down.  Totaled the Volvo.  Don’t mess with the bull.


One response to “Don’t mess with the bull

  1. great story. sometimes us guys have to pay for showing off. ego. whatya do?

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