Packing up a little house

The movers are coming for the boxes on Tuesday, so we’ve been packing this weekend.  I was worried that being out of town for 4 days before we started the move would make things crazy but it is really easy to pack up a little house.  Friday night we packed up downstairs.  Saturday morning we got everything upstairs packed in just a few hours.  Today we packed up the kitchen (the hardest room of the house) and the electronics.

There are just a few odds and ends that we need to use for the next 48 hours left to pack.  It makes me so happy for this to be so easy.  All that work we did to get rid of junk in Seattle is paying off.


4 responses to “Packing up a little house

  1. booksandbasketball

    We’ll see how much you really learned when it comes time to repatriate. That will be the true test.

  2. THE old farmer

    not to worry….booksandbasketball….sarah …
    well…she wrote the best seller

    “THROW THAT STUFF OUT” or the subtitle

    word from the colonies….(where some people save everything) and we know who that is…don’t we…or at least i do

  3. THE old farmer

    About the shoes—-Wow!! I’m impressed! What do you charge to rent them out?

    Re: the trip to Portugal. All I have to say is this: Steve you had better keep a close eye on your gal. Quite the damsel in distress!!
    Mom S.

  4. porta-schrockda-house
    good luck

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