Schrockinator here…

Today we checked out of the old place and handed over the keys. Sarah specifically requested the same inventory clerk we had when we checked in. This was a very good move because the clerk clearly remembered the often poor condition some things were when we moved in.

We had placed almost all of the loose items that were on the inventory into the shed. This included valuable things such as a padlock without a key and a rusty nail. Fortunately for us they were all accounted for.  The only thing we will probably lose some deposit for is a burnt-out bulb over the stove. I have my doubts that we ever even turned on said bulb. If that is all we end up getting charged for then we did pretty well.

This also means that our gardening and lawn work are complete for the forseeable future because our new place includes a gardener. Life is good.


One response to “Checkout

  1. That gardener issue comes up pretty often. I gather you are both going to really enjoy that.

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