Unlucky with the bank cards

Steve and I have had a run of bad luck with our bank cards this week.  Monday we got a call asking if we were using Steve’s bank card in Panama.  Um, no, so that card got cancelled.  Tuesday I decided that I should better get some cash for Steve.  Bad time for the ATM to crash and eat my card, but it did.  Today I had to go to the ‘real bank’ to ‘talk to a real person’ to withdraw cash to hold us over until our new cards arrive.

Sorry the posting has been very in frequent lately.  We do not have internet at our new place yet.  Otherwise, on the moving front, things are going great.  We are mostly settled – should be all set after the weekend.


2 responses to “Unlucky with the bank cards

  1. major bummer. we’ve had a card cancelled without being told. no fun.

  2. THE old farmer

    yeah…..several years ago….in bonita, i entered my card number (wrong number this is) three tries…..the screen said something like (as i remember)…

    “you dummy, you won’t ever see your card again” and …. they just up and ate it

    my o my….you will find out in another 70 or 80 years that it is tough getting old

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