Theatre in Bristol

The highlight of our day in Bristol was seeing our friend Kate on stage.  Kate and Steve were in first grade together and then I was in the band with Kate in high school.  She has been in Bristol for the last year at the Old Vic theatre school.  The last time I had seen her on stage was her senior year school musical.

The show was an adaptation of Emma, very timely because I was about 1/3 of the way through the book.  We enjoyed the show very much.  It was an ensemble cast, 10 performers switching off the characters throughout.  It skipped over a lot of the boring bits to cover the story in 2 1/2 hours.  Kate played Mrs Elton, Mrs Weston and Emma at the end.  She was great.  She is very gregarious in person and even more so on stage.  It took me back to sitting in the pit orchestra for the Morton High School spring musicals, strugling through my trumpet parts in crazy keys, and watching Kate and my other classmates up on stage.  Of course, this show was much more professional, not the least of which being my sitting in the audience and keeping quiet.


After the show we had some time to catch up with Kate, and her mom Martha.  It was nice to chat with someone from ‘back home’ and compare notes on our experiences.  We left as Kate had to get ready for the evening’s performance. 

We walked back through town and grabbed dinner at a Thai restaurant.  As we were leaving we ran into a colleague of mine, literally the only other person I know who lives in Bristol.  Very strange coincidence.  I hope she doesn’t think I’m stalking her.

After we got home I tried to read more of the book, but I was already getting bored and now that I know the ending I think I’m just going to let it lie.


2 responses to “Theatre in Bristol

  1. The Bristol Old Vic is an outstanding Theatre. Both architecturally and historically and in terms of theatre group quality. You’re friend clearly has good taste and talent.

  2. Yes, Kate is a very talented actress.

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