410 Watson

This is the house where I (Mrs Schrockthehouse) spent 1982 -1985.

Some of my memories* from the house…

– my sister falling off of her bike and me running home and (instead of telling my parents) getting the wagon to take her back home.
– going down to get the paper and you and I bringing it up the driveway singing ‘the lee’s summit parade’
– hiding under the bed and pretending no one was home when the Avon lady came
– brushing our teeth with the old toothbrushes dad had on his workbench – and mom freaking out (probably waranted – Lord knows what sort of nasty stuff was on those things after being used on a basement workbench)
– rollerskating in the basement
– those green apple-like pods that mom put in the basement (to keep bugs away?)
– dad would find baby bunnies in their burrows when he was tilling the garden and he would pull them out and we would keep them in a box until he was done and then he would put them back
– the time mom tried to tape us singing as we fell asleep, but we saw the cord**

* all of these are actual memories, not just remembering a picture that was taken of the event
** my sister prompted me on this one


One response to “410 Watson

  1. Thanks for bringing back the memories–you and Margie kept life exciting for us!

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